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The Postal Service lays off 300 employees

Posten Norge Postal ServiceThe mail sorting hall at stokke. Photo: Posten Norge


The Postal Service centralises, lays off 300 employees

The Norwegian Postal Service (Posten Norge) announced before Christmas that 300 jobs in Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Molde and Stokke will be centralised. The staff in Stavanger received the final decision during the night.


The plans are thus final. Route preparation of mail (sorting) is moving to Lørenskog outside Oslo. Workplaces in Bergen, Stavanger and Stokke will disappear on September 2nd, 2019. In Trondheim and Molde, the centralisation takes place in February or March next year, reports NRK.

The jobs of hundreds of employees around the country are in danger. According to the Postal Service, 300 man-years related to route preparation are affected. It is not yet made known exactly how many persons lose their jobs or are offered other positions in the company.

“The digitisation of society entails that we send less mail. With the rapid decline we see in the number of letters, it is urgent to carry out further measures that give economic effect as early as 2019. The centralisation of route preparation is one of the measures we will consider,” Chief Press Officer of Posten Norge, John Eckhoff, stated before Christmas when the reorganisation was announced.

“The staff are frustrated and wished for this not to have happened. Ultimately, this is about having a job to go to,” District Representative of Postkom in Stavanger, Jarle Eide, reacts.

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