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Denmark increases NATO contribution due to Russia-related concerns

Photo: Nils Meilvang / Ritzau Scanpix / NTB

Denmark is increasing its military contribution to NATO in Northern Europe and the Baltics with one frigate and four F-16 fighter jets. According to the country’s foreign minister, the decision is related to Russia’s recent actions. 

“We have a very serious situation in Ukraine as Russia is building up forces,” Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod said on Monday.

The Peter Willemoes frigate, with 160 people, will support NATO’s standing naval force. The four F-16 aircraft, along with 70 people, will support NATO’s air operation in the Baltics. The aircraft will help enforce Baltic sovereignty.

According to Minister of Defense Trine Bramsen, the decision has broad support in the Danish parliament (Folketing).

Kofod noted that relations with Russia consist of two sides: deterrence and dialogue.

“We are ready to have a dialogue (with Russia). But that would require Russia stopping its provocations and threats,” he said.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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4 Comments on "Denmark increases NATO contribution due to Russia-related concerns"

  1. So the Jan.10 talks have been held, and we say we can push NATO wherever – as far east, in violation of our promise years ago – we now want.
    So that’s it, then. And Ukraine’s sod has frozen for tanks.
    (“Newly Declassified Documents: Gorbachev [was] Told NATO Wouldn’t Move Past East German Border” in the 12Dec17 issue of The National Interest.)

    We also broke our and Britain’s Budapest peace agreement with the Russians with our 2014 Kiev coup which made Ukraine’s current government illegitimate.
    So WE are the aggressors in this, not the Russians.

    And they gave us every chance to avert what is coming. Again, sivillforsvars?/civil defense?

    Meanwhile, our neocons’ FAILED attempted Maidan-like coup in Kazakhstan shows why Russia *needs* to keep buffer states and gives further legitimacy to Russian invasion, reinforcing us and Right Sector coup-spawned Ukraine also destroying our right/legitimacy to defend Ukraine by being the ONLY 2 countries to vote – 130-2-40 – against anti-(neo-)Nazi UN General Assembly Resolution 169 a month ago.

    So if we do start a world war, the world won’t be on our side, this time.

    Why does the West educate its most stupid and then even give them credentials and power?

  2. Check your facts – READ THE ARTICLE I CITED – yourself, Fran.

    Privet back, Igor. Check out my CoatneyHistory webpage for many free print and play military and naval history boardgames – many about your Great Patriotic/Fatherland War, and thank you, Russians, for your central contribution and terrible suffering for Allied victory in Europe in World War 2. It was a team effort.

    I am a former Cold Warrior – the 1940 Katyn Massacre was my truth issue which I got (Martha Mautner in) the State Dept. to finally take seriously, to bring down the Soviet regime – but after that we all wanted you Russians to become part of us.
    I was at President Gorbachev’s End of the Cold War speech at Westminster College in Fulton Missouri in May 1992, and we were all so happy (and relieved!). Everyone including you had won the Cold War without a world war.

    Take care and please don’t give up on us Westerners and democracy. Americans are awakening to how terribly, grievously, and now dangerously we have been misused by the “neoconservatives” – who are the exact polar revolution-, coup-, and war-spreading Trotskyist opposite of conservative.

    And thanks for commenting here. We need to hear more from you Russians. 🙂

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