Vets fear disease in imported feed

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Veterinarians fear disease in imported feed

The Veterinary Institute is worried because it as of July 13th, will be duty free to import unrefined animal feed. They recommend imports from countries with a similar disease profile to Norway.


Preparedness and Security Manager at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Jorun Jarp, tells the newspaper Nationen that it would be safest to import feed from Sweden and Finland, which has the most similar disease profile to Norway.

– They have a salmonella situation that is unfavorable, says Jarp, emphasizing that it is important to have good documentation of the condition of the fodder that is to be imported.

African swine fewer

The veterinary institute also warns against imports from countries with the African swine fever, a serious viral disease which, according to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, is widespread in the Baltic States and also in Poland and the Ukraine.

Earlier this week, Norsvin also went out saying that they are concerned about African swine fever and leader of the Norwegian Farmers Union, Lars Petter Bartnes, urges importers and the authorities to be restrictive with respect to imports.

It is the drought in southern Norway leading to little grass being grown for feed that is the background for the Government’s tax exemption.

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