Divorced parents can avoid quarantine hotels to contact their children, but married parents can’t

Anker hotelPhoto: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

Divorced parents can enter Norway to come into contact with their children without staying in quarantine hotels, but married parents can’t. The Norwegian Bar Association believes the rules are questionable.

A French lawyer who works in Paris, who has a Norwegian wife, and owns an apartment in Oslo, was sent to a quarantine hotel when he was going home to celebrate May 17 with his family, newspaper Dagbladet writes.

He commutes to Paris almost weekly and crosses the border often, but this time was refused to go straight home.

However, the entry quarantine has an exception that makes it possible to maintain agreed and stipulated visitation between parents and children, as in the case of a divorce, the Ministry of Health and Care Services confirmed.

Wessel-Aas: Strange rules

State Secretary Saliba Andreas Korkunc told Dagbladet that cases where one of the parents has chosen to commute to another country to work are a different situation.

“Here, one intervenes in the right to family life, and there is a wife and two children who in practice can’t see their father,” leader of the Norwegian Bar Association Jon Wessel-Aas believes.

He says it is strange that the exception does not apply to those who actually live together but have to adapt to job demands. 

“I think these rules become questionable when they are interpreted in light of the right to family life, which is both constitutional and a human right in Europe,” Wessel-Aas said.

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