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Serious breaches of drone ban in Norway

Drone ban Fly FlyingFlying a drone is ever more popular. Photo:

Serious breaches of drone ban during Trident Juncture

In recent days, there have been several violations of the drone ban introduced in connection with the Trident Juncture exercise in Norway, the police announces.


Both the Røros and Værnes airports have witnessed drones preventing the Armed Forces’ emergency helicopter from taking off in conjunction with the NATO exercise.

– We are viewing it as being very serious that of drones have been used in the prohibition area on several occasions. That is forbidden and can lead to serious consequences for legal air traffic, says Director of Preparedness in the Norwegian Police Directorate, Knut Smedsrud.

He adds that the penalty for violation of aviation prohibition area is fines and ultimately imprisonment. An example is a drone-pilot who was fined NOK 20,000 and had his equipment impounded for flying too close to an airport.

During the exercise Trident Juncture, there is a lot of activity in the airspace with about 150 aircraft and more than 60 helicopters involved. There is also a lot of activity in the air in places where there usually isn’t much traffic. Everyone flying drones is required to check where there are no-fly zones at any time.

Drone regulations for Norway can be found here.


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