Eastern Norway will be the weather winners for autumn vacations

Kvam. Great colors in the mountains in Gravdalen between Kvam and Vinstra in GudbrandsdalenKvam. Great colors in the mountains in Gravdalen between Kvam and Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen.Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB scanpix

It is heading to be a beautiful autumn holiday weekend in eastern Norway.


And Sørlandet will also get great opportunities to dry up after the floods, reports meteorologists.

However, the country as a whole, will experience mixed-weather.

“It will be quite typical autumn weather,” says state meteorologist Tone Christin Thaule to NTB.

Both in eastern Norway and southern Norway, it seems they both will be dry and clear this coming weekend.

“Southern Norway will have the opportunity to dry up,” says Thaule.

Low pressure in central Norway
Already Wednesday there is a low pressure system in the middle of the country, fueling a west wind and rain.

A new low pressure dystem is expected Friday night, which will create rain showers both in Western Norway, Trøndelag and in Møre og Romsdal. In addition, Trøndelag will be very windy, according to the meteorologists.

However on Saturday, the low pressure system moves on to Sweden.

“The weather will lighten up in both Trøndelag and Western Norway. But a chance of scattered rain showers in Møre og Romsdal can be expected,’’ says Thaule.

In the north the wind will be blowing out to sea and will create mostly dry and clear weather.

“But northern Norway will have some scattered showers, especially along the coast,” says the meteorologist.

Winter tires in the mountains
Autumn vacationers who choose to go to the mountains should however prepare for cold days. Especially in Trøndelag and in Møre og Romsdal the precipitation will come in the form of snow.

In eastern Norway and northern Norway it is autumn school vacation this week, while the westerners, the Trønderne and Hedmark are taking autumn school vacation next week.

“We have already observed snow in higher elevations, mountains over 1000 meters. It will get colder as Friday arrives and we can see that the snow level may creep down to 600 meters,” said Thaule.

“We recommend both winter tires and wool underwear,” she says.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today