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Eiffel Tower and Holmenkoll ground colored in green

Holmenkoll groundOslo.Holmenkoll ground.Photo : Fredrik Varfjell / NTB scanpix


When Paris Agreement rolled out from Friday, among other things Eiffel Tower in Paris and Holmenkoll ground began to light up in green.
Authorities in the French capital has promised that they will illuminate the Eiffel Tower in green to celebrate the Paris Agreement rolled out from November 4th.

Newspaper VG writes that climate and environment minister Vidar Helgesen has ensured that the same is happening in Oslo.

– We choose to light up Holmenkoll ground to mark this important day. Holmenkollen is our national symbol for snow and winter enjoyment.

We know that climate change means less snowy winters, but with Paris Agreement we and the world should do everything we can to reduce global warming, he says to the newspaper VG.

Once reaching agreement began to roll out, it means that the agreement becomes international law.

– It binds the countries that signed it to implement measures to achieve the objectives each country has undertaken, explaining Helgesen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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