Elkjøp drivers may stay on for the time being

Elkjøp BusinessElkjøp Business. Photo: Joakim Mangen / Elkjøp

Elkjøp drivers may stay on, for the time being, the court states

the Court of Appeal has decided that Elkjøp employees may stay on until it is decided whether the termination of drivers and warehouse personnel at Lørenskog is legal or not.


– We are incredibly pleased that the Court of Appeal has dealt with the matter and we have been provided with a decision that we are very satisfied with. The court goes a long way in assessing whether the terminations are valid. We’re pleased, the Leader of Oslo Transport Workers’ Association, Pål Aronsen tells FriFagbevegelse (Free Trade Union).

Elkjøp takes note of the preliminary decision for the time being.

– We will review it further and make a thorough assessment over the weekend, but we will nonetheless adhere to the court’s decision, the Personel Manager in Elkjøp, Stein Riibe, informs the newspaper.

The case is based on a strike last summer, where 40 employees won the right enter into a collective agreement. Elkjøp thought it was too expensive to pay a tariff salary and decided to terminate the transportation of goods and hire another company to do this on their behalf.

The affected staff were fired, but a group of them protested against that. They alleged that the terminations were invalid and required to remain in their positions.

Elkjøp was originally supported in the dismissals by the Lower Romerike District Court, but Eidsivating Court of Appeal on Friday decided that it is doubtful whether Elkjøp has attempted hard enough to find other tasks for the employees. They will, therefore, be allowed to stay in their positions until it is finally decided whether the original termination is valid or not.


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