Emissions would be 40% higher in 2020

pollution CO2 EmissionsClimate gas Emissions. Photo: Pixabay.com

Emissions would be 40 per cent higher without measures

Norwegian greenhouse gas emissions would be 40 per cent higher in 2020 without the measures taken over the past decades. This is the conclusion of two reports issued to UN.


The most important measures are the introduction of taxation of CO2, companies participating in the European quota system and the ban on food waste and other organic waste in the waste dumps, the reports have issued to the UN’s climate secretariat state. The reports are ordered by the Norwegian Government

the amount of electrical cars has also helped to reduce emissions. Norway’s high share of renewable energy and focus on fossil-free vehicles are topics that are of interest to other countries, the Ministry of Environment and Climate writes.

Norway is according to the UN Climate Change Convention committed to regularly report on efforts to limit climate changes. The main report describes existing measures and instruments in the climate policy and how these impact on emissions. The second report describes how Norway can reduce emissions by 30 per cent before 2020.

The report also contains calculations of how high the emissions would be without the current measures. These show that national emissions would be 38-45 per cent higher in 2020 if they were not implemented.

The main report also describes the cooperation Norway has with the EU on the climate policy, including the target of 40 per cent emission cuts by 2030 according to the Paris Treaty. It is also discussed how technological development, research and education plays a part.

A group from the UN climate secretariat will review the reports in April. Later, other countries may ask questions regarding the conclusions in the reports, and the results will be presented during the climate negotiations in Poland in December.


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