End of ID Control between Denmark and Sweden

ØresundbruaØresundbrua between Sweden and Denmark.Photo: pixabay.com

Temporary border control will be tightened

Sweden abolishes ID controls on buses, trains and ferries between Denmark and Sweden. Instead, the scheme of temporary border control will be tightened.

The decision was announced at a press conference in Stockholm on Tuesday afternoon.


The ID control, which has been bothering commuters across the Sound, can be removed just because the separate regime of temporary border control is being sharpened, explains Sweden’s Minister for Infrastructure, Anna Johansson.

-The government’s assessment is that border controls are still needed and must be sharpened, adds Minister of Interior Anders Ygeman.

– The ID control can be reinstated if necessary, he emphasizes.

The current system of ID verification expires on 4 May. It was introduced in January 2016 due to the large asylum flow to Sweden. In the autumn of 2015, 10,000 came to Sweden every single week. Now the number is down to 500 per week.

Later on Tuesday, the EU Commission is expected to come up with a recommendation on the temporary border control, which runs until 11 May.

In addition to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Austria have introduced temporary border controls on internal Schengen borders.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today