EU rules to secure better marking of tyres

tyres tyre tiresA heap of car tyres. Photo: Norway Today Media

EU rules to secure better marking of winter tyres

The European Union (EU) demands clearer labelling of the road grip that tyres have on snow and ice. These rule changes have been accepted by the energy ministers of the EU.

Requirements for more comprehensive information when car tyres are sold online are, likewise, to be imposed.

The regulations are supported by the energy ministers of the EU after almost ten months of negotiations regarding the details.

“It is important for us that we have safe tyres adapted to our conditions,” Sweden’s Minister of Energy, Anders Ygeman, states. He points out that countries like Sweden have a lot of snow and ice on their roads in winter.

Norway included

The regulations will with all probability be included in the EEA agreement. They will, therefore, be imposed in Norway as well.

The matter is, however, still being deliberated in the EU Parliament, and a final agreement can’t be expected before this autumn at the earliest.

The EU Commission presented its original proposal in May 2018.

The EU hopes that better labelling will make motorists choose tyres that are safer, provide less road noise and ensure lower fuel consumption.

“This will contribute to the reduction of climate emissions from the road sector and thus help the EU meet the targets of the Paris Agreement,” Minister of Energy of the current EU Presidency country, Romania, Anton Anton, comments.