Evacuated cruise passengers are brought to Molde and Kristiansund

Cruise ship Viking Sky Mayday evacuated passengers cruise passengers"The cruise ship Viking Sky has sent out a mayday message, and it is drifting towards shore," the Main Rescue Centre informs. The rescue centre has sent several helicopters and vessels to the site. Photo: Frank Einar Vatne / NTB scanpix

Evacuated cruise passengers are brought to Molde and Kristiansund

The evacuated cruise passengers from the cruise ship Viking Sky are brought by bus to Molde and Kristiansund to find places to sleep.

Romsdals Budstikke writes that every available hotel room in Molde is used. There supposedly is room for “at least” 400–500 distributed on nearly 200 rooms in these hotels.

Communications Manager of Kristiansund municipality, Tore Lyngvær, tells Tidens Krav that seven buses are leaving for Fræna to pick up passengers to be accommodated in Kristiansund.

There will be the capacity to accommodate 450 persons in Kristiansund. All will be registered by the Red Cross and Civil Defence upon arrival.

In addition, psychologists, nurses and doctors are ready to assist the evacuates.

“Being evacuated from a vessel in Hustadvika in this way is stressful by itself. We have a good psychosocial crisis team ready to assist. We have been told that some passengers are physically injured, but there should be no serious injuries. People and furniture have simply been thrown around by the rough sea,” Lyngvær informs.

Lyngvær further states that Kristiansund municipality has been in contact with the neighboring municipalities Averøy, Gjemnes and Aure to map out accommodation options there.

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