A case of contagious meningitis in Ullensaker

Russen Russ Kongeparken sex videoRuss (Norwegian students celebrating the end of 13 years in school) : Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Russ from Bodø with contagious meningitis

On Wednesday it became known that a Russ from Bodø, visiting Ullensaker municipality, had been admitted to Akershus University Hospital with contagious meningitis.

The municipal surgeon-general is working to identify exactly who the infected student has been in contact with.

On its website, the municipality gives information that such people will be contacted, and preventive medication will be initiated where needed,.

People who get a fever, and feel a poor general condition, are asked to contact the hospital accident and emergency unit.

‘We urge Russ not to party unnecessarily hard, with little sleep at night, and high alcohol intake.

This weakens the body’s immune system. Neither should you drink from the same bottle as others’, said the municipalities senior doctor, Lars Meyer-Myklestad, in Ullensaker.

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