Every other taxi driver has been subjected to violence or threats

Taxi driverIllustration.Taxi driver

Taxi drivers want to secure themselves and their cars with better video surveillance than today. More than half of them have been victims of violence or threats.


“It’s very disturbing, but unfortunately not very surprising,” said federal secretary, Peter Hansen, of the Norwegian Transport Workers’ Union to NRK news after the figures were released of a survey that had been conducted among taxi drivers in this

More than half of the respondents said that they have been exposed to violence or threats while they have been at work. It is “a very high number for a professional group,” pointed out Hansen, who now called for better video surveillance of taxis to limit the risk of violence to drivers.

On Friday night a taxi driver in Oslo city center was knocked down and robbed by two men. Although robbery has become significantly less frequent as the use of cash has decreased,violence remains a part of the risk picture for a taxi driver.

‘’Video surveillance will probably have an effect for the entire cab ride.It is a problem that the Data Inspectorate has set for monitoring the taxis and passengers,” said Hansen.


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