Exile Iranians demonstrated in Oslo against the regime

Demonstration IraniansOslo.Iran. Demonstration in front of the Storting.Photo : Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Exile Iranians demonstrated in Oslo against the regime

Several thousand Iranians have demonstrated against the priesthood regime in a number of cities in Iran since December 28. On Thursday, exile Iranians demonstrated in solidarity in Norway.


The demonstration was arranged by Iranian Political Captives for Free Iran (IPFFI) in support of the Iranian people. At 3 pm on Thursday, around 150 Iranian protesters, including exiles, met in front of the Storting to show their solidarity.

According to Oslo Police District Operations Manager Steinar Hausvik, the demonstration was peaceful.

The unrest in Iran started in the country’s second largest city of Mashhad as a protest against large price hikes and unemployment. The protests spread rapidly to other parts of the country, which have 80 million inhabitants. According to state media, at least 21 people are killed during the turmoil and hundreds have been arrested.

The authorities have blocked social media such as Telegram, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. US President Donald Trump has supported the protesters. The regime in Tehran accuses the United States of meddling and has complained to the UN.


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