Weddings are expensive for guests and newlyweds

NewlywedsOSLO.Newlyweds.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / SCANPIX

Party, outfit, accessories, gifts and  Bachelor Parties has been an expensive affair for those who want to celebrate love. Couples that are getting married, state that they have to fork out around 100,000 kroner on average.

Couples who are planning weddings for the next year budget for over 65,000 kroner for the party, just over 10,000 kroner for  attire, rings and bridal bouquet, more than 16,000 dollars on the honeymoon and closer to 8,000 kroner on additional expenses,  such as a photographer, hairdresser, thank you cards and the morning gift. This is revealed in the figures from a survey conducted by the MMI DNB Ipos.

-The amount we spend on our own weddings has not changed that much over the years, but the amount spent by the guests have has probably increased substantially. The Bachelor Parties no  longer just focus on dressing up and walking down the main street, but also include paid activities.  Getting married abroad has also become more commonplace, which may prove costly to the guests, says consumer Economist Silje Sandmæl in DNB told news agency NTB.

Need to borrow
When asked about who are paying for the wedding and the festivities, two out of three respondents reply that they pay all or part of it themselves, four out of 10 respond that their parents pay all or part of the wedding. There is a tendency that more people than ever before saying that they both use their own money and money given them by their own parents to pay for the wedding, and in addition  the proportion responding that they also have to  borrow money in a to be able to afford to get married is increasing. This worries Sandmæl:
-To start life as a newly married in debt is not a good start, “she said, citing that economic problems are the third largest cause of divorce.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today