FACEBOOK: ‘Here’s Fair Warning’

Facebook unencrypted passwordFacebook. Photo(AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

Starting today, April 9th, the online social networking company Facebook will begin notifying its 87 million customers of new security measures its taken after the disastrous Cambridge Analytica data breach. Those customers not directly impacted by the data breach will be asked to review personal privacy settings.



Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) reports that on Monday, Facebook mobile users can expect 1 of 2 internal messages from Facebook’s community: either direct instructions to remove Facebook’s co-partner applications (apps) or a general information message suggesting that the user should review their user security & privacy settings.

Facebook provided NRK with a sample message intended for Monday’s 87M customers who’ve lost personal information from the data breach:

Sarah, we understand the importance of securing your data. We have
removed the “This Is Your Digital Life” app from your Facebook page.
We did this because that app/site may have misused parts of your
Facebook information by sharing it with a company called Cambridge

The other message Facebook users may see today will contain a request to review the apps associated with their Facebook account, and further, what personal, user-information Facebook has access to.

Facebook is seemingly restructuring its data & user privacy policies after it was revealed that company Cambridge Analytic collected Facebook user information from 87 million Facebook users. Although most users are within America, up to 37,500 Norwegians could be affected by Analytic’s mining.

Facebook is also auditing its app developers, searching for apps that either store user-data or seemingly perform data-mining.

The Facebook / Cambridge Analytica data breach came to light after Dr. Alek Kogan developed an app that offered a ‘Personality Test’ on Facebook that secretly collected Facebook user-data, then forwarded that ‘mined’ data to Cambridge Analytica, who then apparently used the data to sculpt influential advertising & ‘news’ (both real & fake) to fine-tune politically slanted messages.

Following the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica revelation, Facebook common stock value fell sharply, quickly erasing over $60 billion U.S. dollars in value.

On April 11th, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg will face scrutiny over the 87 million strong data breach when he stands before the United State’s House Energy and
Commerce Committee for an accounting of Facebook’s massive data breach.

At post, Facebook, Inc. Common Stock NASDAQ spot price: $157.20 USD, with an all-time high stock price of $190.28 USD.

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