Father must pay off his 14 year old’s 89,000 kroner debt spent on online game


A man must pay a credit card debt of NOK 89,000 that his son (14) accrued by playing the game “Clash of Clans” online.


The father had downloaded “Clash of Clans” on his son’s iPad, and created an Apple ID for the son associated with his own credit card.

During the period beginning the 26th of June to the 24th of July last year, the14 year old spent a total of 89,000 kroner on his father’s credit card buying game points in “Clash of Clans,” wrote Dagens Næringsliv newspaper.

NOK 16,899 of this sum has already been repaid by the Apple Cardholder.

The man complained about the matter to the Finance Appeals Council, but did not get hold of it. He didn’t give his son power of attorney, or permission to make the purchases.

“Cardholder acknowledges that it was inconceivable for him to enter the information associated with the card, but he was not aware that it could tally up to such a degree,” the man wrote in his complaint.

The Finance Appeals Board emphasised in its decision that the man had broken the terms of the card by letting others be allocated to the credit card.

“In the opinion of the board, the cardholder intentionally violated these terms by inserting the card information into his son’s Apple ID so that payments could be made by the son,” it stated in the decision.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today