Fewer captures by speed cameras but the fines increased sharply

TunelTunel / speed cameras

Although fewer drivers were captured by the country’s speed cameras last year, the sum that ended up in the treasury bill increased by 24 percent, to close to a quarter of a billion.


In total, 157,468 drivers were caught by UP’s cameras along the roads last year. That is close to 2,000 fewer than the years before, writes Bergens Tidende. There were fewer seized driving licenses in 2017, compared to the previous year: 787 against 844.

Nevertheless, the amount of money, motorists had to pay significantly increased. 241 million NOK in fines is 47 million more than in 2016 but the police are not looking to make money.

“No, no, our goal is not to bring in high fines,” said Vivi-Ann Haukås, who heads the agency’s ATK.

“In our work, we are not considering the number of millions in fines or how many are taken. Our focus is road safety, reducing speed and thus reducing both accidents and the severity of accidents,” she says. Haukås draws two factors that can explain the increase in ATK revenues.

“One factor may be that the fines increased last year. The figure may also be an indication that more people are being taken for more serious violations.”


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today