Fewer Norwegians will commute by train after the pandemic ends, new survey shows

Oslo S - trainsPhoto: Heiko Junge / NTB

When the pandemic is over, there will be fewer train commuters in Eastern Norway, the Norwegian Railway Directorate believes. The reason? Increased use of home office.

According to a new survey, commuters in Eastern Norway will travel by train between 14 and 24% less compared to before the pandemic. The survey was conducted by the analysis company Asplan Viak on behalf of the Norwegian Railway Directorate.

“New travel patterns can affect the design of future train services,” railway director Knut Sletta noted in a press release.

“For example, a more flexible working life, combined with people becoming more negative to congestion, can contribute to work trips being spread more evenly throughout the day instead of everyone traveling during rush hour,” he explained.

Home office effect

According to the survey, increased use of home office is among the main reasons for the expected changes. The effect of home office on the number of business-related train trips is expected to be of a permanent nature.

New ticket solutions can also be a result of changes in travel patterns. The survey shows that even though 80% of people will still travel with the same ticket as before, many will now buy single tickets instead of season tickets.

“Measures that help commuters choose trains when they travel will be important. It is very relevant to consider new types of tickets adapted to more flexible travel patterns. It is also an exciting idea to consider differentiated ticket prices that give people incentives to travel outside rush hour,” Sletta added.

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