Fewer people in Norway got the flu during the Christmas season this year, the FHI reports

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The level of flu cases in Norway is still very low. In weeks 51 and 52, there were fewer cases than in week 50, according to the FHI.

In week 51, 95 flu virus cases were detected, while 74 cases were detected in week 52. This is a decrease from week 50, when the number amounted to 157, according to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s (FHI) weekly report.

So far this season, a total of 523 cases have been detected, with a clear predominance of the H3N2 virus.

The incidence of the RS virus is also declining. The proportion of positive samples was 11% in week 51 and 7% in week 52, and the decline can be seen in all Norwegian counties.

The FHI believes that the infection control measures against corona may have limited the spread of the flu. Ever since the measures were introduced in March 2020, few flu cases have been detected in Norway up to the start of the season this autumn.

The FHI writes that although the incidence of the flu virus is still very low, the increase in the weeks leading up to Christmas can be interpreted as a sign that there was an increase in domestic flu infection in Norway.

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