The fire in the Asko storehouse flared up

The fire in the Asko storehouseVestby.The fire in the Asko storehouse.Photo : Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

Friday’s fire in the Asko storehouse in Vestby in Akershus has flared up once again.

– The situation is now cleared. We will now reorganize, and a forest fire fighting helicopter has just landed on the spot. We have evacuated the surrounding area, Fireman Roger Andersen says.

The fire department informed VG that it was about an ammonia leak. Later it turned out that it was talk of a small leak that was quickly squished.

The fire started on Friday afternoon, shortly after reports of a truck fire in the same place. The fire was, however, reported quelled after one and half days.

– The smoke is toxic and harmful to your health, therefore we ask people move away, says local Guard Leader Per Håkon Lauritsen to VG.

So far it five houses have been evacuated in the area, but this can be adjusted.

The fire brigade from Sarpsborg and Oslo are also called in to support along with Follo and Moss regional fire services. A fire engine from Rygge airport is also on the way.

In addition, one forest fire-fighting helicopter is also allocated.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today