First new tram arrives in Oslo

New Oslo tramPhoto: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

The first out of the 87 new trams in Oslo is now in place. Sporveien will start test driving soon.

The tram was displayed in Sporveien’s carriage hall at Grefsen on Monday morning. 

Both City Council leader Raymond Johansen (AP) and City Councilor for the Environment and Transport Lan Marie Berg (MDG) participated in the launch.

The new trams come after Sporveien entered into a contract with the Spanish supplier CAF in 2018 for the delivery of 87 new, modern trams to the capital.

There is room for 220 passengers on each tram, which increases capacity from the current level. 

New design

Furthermore, the trams’ design, with more doors and no stairs, will make the tram’s usage of time per each stop shorter than today.

During the autumn, two trams will arrive in Oslo to be tested on the capital’s tracks. 

Personnel training will also have to be carried out before the trams are ready to transport Oslo citizens.

In addition to new trams, the tram infrastructure, city streets, and tram bases have to be upgraded before 2024.

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