Fish farms on Smøla hit by illness 2x

Salmon smølaSalmon at a fish farm. Photo:

Fish farms on Smøla hit by illness 2 times in a short time

A fish farm at Smøla in Møre & Romsdal has been diagnosed with outbreaks of the fish disease Pancreatic disease (PD). The fish is to be slaughtered, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority reports.
It is the second time in a short while that a fish farm in Møre & Romsdal is affected by this fish disease. As late as in November, Pancreatic disease, which is a virus, was detected in the neighbouring farm at Nørholmen.
The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (FSA) views the discovery at Smøla as serious, as it is a rare strand of the virus that is found in the area.
The disease can cause major economic losses due to poor growth and reduced slaughter quality.
The discovery is made in an area with large aquaculture activity. To prevent the spread of infection, several restrictions are imposed on the plant. It is forbidden to move fish and equipment without special permission among other measures. The work involving removing the fish from the farm starts in the near future.
The Norwegian Food Safety Authority asks everyone who is in the area and conducts activities related to fish farming, to take the necessary precautions so that the further spread of disease is avoided.

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