Fishing vessel on fire near Røvær

Fishing boat RøværFishing boats in harbour. Ill. photo:

A fishing vessel on fire at Røvær near Haugesund

A fishing vessel is on fire outside Røvær close to Haugesund in northern Rogaland. There are six people on board and the fire is so violent that the crew has entered the liferaft. All 6 crew members are now reportedly in safety.


– The crew has given up the boat and transferred to the liferaft. We are uncertain if everyone is in safety, says Watch Officer at the National Rescue Centre Southern Norway (HRS), Erik Willassen, to NTB.

– A helicopter is on its way, Willassen informs Stavanger Aftenblad, who first reported the case.

– It arrives just after 5.30 pm. D There are also three other vessels on the spot who have responded to a Mayday from the fishing vessel. We have not received any feedback from the site, Willassen continues.

HRS was notified of the fire at 4.56 pm.

According to Operations Manager in HRS Southern Norway, Trond Bjørnøy, a rescue boat and helicopter are on site and are busy evacuating the persons on board.

– Nobody is reported to be injured, but as stated, the rescue work is not over, Bjørnøy tells VG.

According to current information, all 6 crew members are now in safety on other vessels.

– All six boarded the rescue boat and were subsequently transferred to two other vessels, three crew members in each, Willassen informs NTB.


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