FNB is neck and neck with FrP in Bergen

FNB BergenElection stand for FNB in Stavanger where the party has three City Council seats. Picture: FNB / Facebook

The anti tolls party, FNB, is gaining ground in Bergen

The newly established list “The People’s Action -No to More Tolls” (FNB) is almost as big as the Bergen Progress Party in a poll. They already have three representatives in Stavanger.


“This is a powerful message to the established parties that something is totally, utterly, haywire,” candidate for FNB, Trym Aafløy, tells Bergens Tidende.

In a recent survey done by Respons on behalf of Bergens Tidende and VG, FNB receives 6.9 per cent support, and thus five seats in the Bergen City Council. That is equal to the representation of the Progress Party (Frp). Frp clocks in at 7.9 per cent support.

Aafløy is not at all surprised by the poll:

“Our goal is to have support from more than ten per cent of voters. We are so bold that we dare to say it out loud. “


Top candidate of the Progress Party (Frp), Tor Woldseth, states that he believes that the BNP has copied their program.

“I have to say that they have a fantastic program, but then again, it is a blueprint of ours,” he believes.

Woldseth adds that he does not believe in the removal of the tolls.

The elections specialist of Bergens Tidende, Johan Giertsen, believes that the poll must be taken seriously.

“The figures for the anti-tolls party will send shock waves into the election campaign strategies of the larger parties in this city. No one can ignore such a party. They look to gain just as many mandates as the Liberals (3) and KrF (2) together according to this poll,” he explains to the newspaper.

The support of the parties. (Changes from the December poll in brackets):

  • H 29,3 (-0,9)
  • Ap 23,5 (-2,8),
  • SV 10,5 (+1,0)
  • Frp 7,9 (-3,2),
  • FNB 6,9 (+3,9)
  • Sp 6,4 (+4,1),
  • Red 5,0 (-0,4)
  • MDG 3,4 (-0,1),
  • V 3,9 (-0,1),
  • KrF 2,3 (-0,6)

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