Four out of ten young immigrant women without work and not at school

immigrantImmigrant women.Photo: Norway Today Media

Four out of ten immigrant women between 16 and 34 years are neither employed nor attending a school.
A new report from Statistics Norway show that a large number of immigrant women neither got a job nor a school to attend, according to Dagsavisen.
The report is based on figures from 2014 and compares three groups: immigrants who have come to Norway, people born in Norway with immigrant backgrounds and the majority population.
– There is more similarities between the people born i Norwat to immigrant parents and the majority population in terms of the proportion who take part in work and education. The main reason is that they all have gone to school here and have undergone much important socialization, says Scientist Bjørn Olsen, Statistics Norway.
Of the young immigrant women  young women in relationships who are the mothers of children are especially likely to be both out of work and a school to attend. In the age group of women between 25 to 29 years old 49 percent of the immigrant women were active at work or school.
In comparison, 72 per cent of the Norwegian-born with immigrant backgrounds had a job or were attending a school, while this applied to 87 percent of the women in the majority population.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today