Missing in a fire in building in Friarfjord

friarfjord , Firefighter , SCBAA firefighter wearing SCBA at a fire scene. Photo: Andrew Gaines/Unsplash.com

Missing in a fire in an industrial building in Friarfjord

A man is missing in connection with a substantial fire in a building belonging to a salmon farm in Friarfjord, Finnmark.

The building is isolated and it took some time before the emergency services arrived at the scene. The police were notified about the fire at 7.40 am on Sunday.

“There is a huge amount of toxic gases in the area, and since there is no wind and 20 centigrades below, the gas forms a lid over the fjord, Operations Manager in the Finnmark Police District, Svein-Erik Jacobsen,” tells NTB.

Residents of nearby homes were evacuated by the police for this reason. There are scattered dwellings in the area, which is situated relatively isolated in the innermost part of Laksefjord (Salmon Fjord).

Employee missing

There are usually 54 persons working at the facility in Friarfjord.

“Four persons were at work on the scene on Sunday and one of them is reported as missing. The missing person was inside the building when the fire started,” Jacobsen informs.

“The Armed Forces send in more equipment by helicopters from KV Andenes, as the firefighters have limited equipment available on site,” Jacobsen continues.

In addition to the Coast Guard vessel KV Andenes, SCBA personnel, a rescue vessel, crews from the Civil Defence, police, ambulance and a Sea King rescue helicopter are partaking in the operation.

Olav Bjørgaas of the Main Rescue Center North Norway informs iFinnmark that they have dispatched a Sea King helicopter to the smolt farm. The helicopter reconnaissances and bring additional resources to the site. KV Andenes is on its way there as well.

“They are now sufficient firefighters on board [KV Andenes]. They have dispatched an NH-90 helicopter with SCBA personnel on board, who are now on site,” Bjørgaas elaborates.

Safety Zone

One of the industrial buildings are ablaze, and it is burning in the northern wall of the neighbouring building as well. There is no danger of further spreading as there is scant any wind in the area. Furthermore, the buildings are scattered, but the explosion hazard is large.

“A security zone of 1,000 metres has been established around the site,” Operational Manager Jacobsen concludes.

Laksefjord AS owns the facility. This company is 100 per cent owned by Lerøy Aurora AS, which in turn is a subsidiary of Lerøy Seafood Group ASA.

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