FRP representative proposes to pay refugees in Lebanon


FRP’s (Progress Party) Kari Kjønaas Kjos will make it easier for refugees in Lebanon to return to their home country Syria by giving them start-up capital, writes Dagen.

“People who come to Norway themselves and do not stay here, receive money to return again,” says Parliament representative Kari Kjønaas Kjos (Frp) to Dagen.

She points out that unaccompanied asylum seekers who receive a rejection of their application receive around NOK 20,000 if they leave Norway voluntarily.

In February, the Parliament municipal and management committee for the Middle East was to learn more about the refugees there. One of the participants on the trip was Kjønaas Kjos.

“It hit me, when we were sitting inside one of the refugee tents in Lebanon and met a widow who was previously offered to become a quota refugee, but graciously declined because she would rather go home to Syria. If she had managed to get to Norway, she had received money to start a new life in Syria,” she says.

The government has decided that Norway will receive 3,000 ‘quota’ refugees in 2019. But according to Kjos, many of them did not want to meet the municipal and management committee, nor to become ‘quota’ refugees.

“80 percent of those offered to become quota refugees, decline. When they are informed that women are expected to work in Norway, and that boys and girls go to school together, many people do not want to travel here,” she says.

The FRP representative will take money from the aid budget to finance the measure.

Today we use a lot of aid to help people in refugee camps to survive. Instead, we could spend more money sending them back to their home country.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today