Frp will sharpen rules to become Norwegian

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The day before May the 17th, Fremskrittsparti (Frp) will follow Denmark and tighten the rules for who can become a Norwegian citizen.


“The Danish government have made good suggestions, and Norway has a lot to learn about asylum and immigration policy,” said Frp’s immigration spokesperson Jon Engen-Helgheim.

On the timing of the release, given immediately prior to the Norwegian national day, he commented as follows:

‘’May the 17th is a day where we celebrate our national values, and our cultural heritage. As such, it may be useful in these times to reflect on how to keep these far into the future as well.

Listhaug will change

On Wednesday, the Danish Minister for Integration, Inger Støjberg, began negotiations with the Social Democrats and the Danish People’s Party on new and sharpened rules for citizenship.

In parliament, Støjberg’s former ministerial colleague and political ally,Sylvi Listhaug wanted to follow up on those points.

“For too long we have divided citizenship as if it were candy. We have tightened some things, but over time we must make far tougher demands,”she said.

Five requirements

Specifically,Frp agreed that foreigners who commit child abuse should be refused citizenship. Two years of self-support without public benefits, and increased language requirements are among other proposals.

Frp politicians also want mandatory promises, and a citizenship ceremony.

In addition, people should be permanently excluded from citizenship if they encourage terrorism, or killing people in certain groups or on the basis of the individual’s sexual orientation.

Norwegian in the heart

Although Listhaug and Helgheim represent Frp, the demands are not addressed primarily to the government, but to the other parties in parliament.

“We naturally hope that it will be possible to get a majority for further tightening of the rules. Citizenship is one of the greatest gifts and privileges we can give,’’ said Helgheim.

To foreigners wishing to become Norwegian citizens, he has the following request:

“If you are going to be Norwegian, it’s not going to be on paper. You must be Norwegian in the heart.’’


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  1. Berhane Haile | 17. May 2018 at 11:55 |

    I think Norwegians are now coming to their sense. I am a political refugee myself. But I see Norwegians were very naive because they tolerated many criminals in the name of human rights. Norway must have special law for criminals and terrorists! Otherwise, they will abuse their rights and commit crimes of great consequences. Norway deserves peace and stability! Long live Norway! Wish all Norwegians the best!

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