Climate activists glued to Bank of Norway

Extinction Rebellion Bank of NorwayExtinction Rebellion blocks Bank of Norway. They demand that the Norwegian Pension Fund Global pull out of coal. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Climate activists glued themselves to Bank of Norway

About ten protesters from Extinction Rebellion glued themselves to Bank of Norway (Norges Bank) in Oslo. The police managed to unglue them. They were subsequently allowed to continue their activities in an assigned area.

The notice of the marking came at 2.30 pm on Friday. There are around ten demonstrators, according to the police.

“They were both in the foyer and outside Bank of Norway. This was a marking that was not advertised. They were about to glue themselves to the building,” Operations Manager of Oslo Police District, Tor Jøkling, informs NTB.

Betrayal of the future

The protesters brought banners with messages such as “Oil money – Betrayal of the future” and “We drown other nations”, as well as a demand for the Norwegian Oil Fund to pull out of businesses related to coal.

The security officers at Norges Bank wanted the protesters removed from the foyer, as well as several who blocked the entrance and exit of the building, according to the police.

“We achieved a civil dialogue with the protesters. The glue was dissolved by applying a bit of nail polish remover. Those who were on the outside were given an area where they could make a stand,” Operations Manager Jøkling explains.



High tolerance for utterance

“We have a high tolerance for people who want to express themselves,” the operation manager adds.

The demonstrators also sprayed some kind of paint on the windows. It is uncertain whether Bank of Norway will report the damage, according to the police.

The Norwegian section of the action group Extinction Rebellion was responsible for the marking. The group has previously planted an apple tree, a mint plant and chives in front of the Norwegian Parliament and also held a marking – a so-called die-in – on the roof of the Opera in Oslo.

Parlamentet I Storbritannia har, som det første i verden, erklært klimakrise, i et forsøk på å imøtekomme kravet fra demonstrantene i Extinction Rebellion.

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  1. Peter Gooley | 30. May 2019 at 05:08 |

    Great to see these kinds of protests having an impact on oil extraction there off the shores of Norway.
    Now,if you could just stop wanting to damage our Southern Ocean, would be terrific. The environment matters in other areas too.
    This ocean is one of the most Savage, and to say it can be done safely, is rubbish.

    I wonder if this comment will be added?

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