Visa card payments rejected in Europe

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Visa card payments are not processed in Europe

Last: Visa card payments in Europe work again 🙂  ……..Some payments with Visa cards do not go through at several locations in Europe, the company reports. Not many customers in Norway have a pure Visa card, and few Norwegians are therefore affected.


This is what Press Officer in Nets Norway, Stein-Arne Tjore tells NTB. Nets are providers of payment systems in Norway.

– Most Norwegians has combined Visa and BankAxept cards and their payments will go through. BankAxept is the national infrastructure in Norway, and that still works, says Tjore.

Mastercard unaffected

Mastercard also function as normal.

– This is not an extensive problem in Norway, but it is obviously a nuisance for those affected, he says.

Visa indicates that the problem is due to faults in their systems, but the scope is currently not clear.

Visa customers in Britain, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden have complained on Twitter about rejected payments, reports BBC.

– We’re experiencing a fault in our service that prevents some Visa transactions in Europe from being processed. We investigate the cause and work as quickly as we can to resolve the situation, says Visa in a press statement.

The grocery chain Tesco informs BBC that customers are struggling to make cashless payments, but that chip and pin payments are not affected.


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