Google will slow unreliable information

GoogleGoogle.Photo: Pixabay

Google is working to weed out information from unreliable sources after being made aware that Holocaust deniers dominate searches.

Last week the Guardian newspaper showed that the political right-wing website Sormfront tops answers to the question “Did the Holocaust happen?”, written in English.
In a statement from the web giant Google, they said that their goal is to provide reliable answers while maintaining the breadth and variety of content from different sources.
– To assess which pages best answer questions and other queries is a challenge, and we will not always succeed, says the company behind the world’s leading search engine.
– When unreliable information hits high in response to the web, we choose to develop methods to solve problems, rather than to remove the sites manually, the statement said.
The company adds that they continuously changing algorithms in order to further bring more credible content and higher quality on-line.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today