The government ask Norwegians to stop giving gifts to Israeli West Bank

West BankWest Bank, village near Bethlehem.Photo: Berit Keilen / Scanpix

The Intercurch council strongly dislikes that Norwegian friends of Israel give millions in donations to settlements on the West Bank; so much so, that they are asking the government to intervene.


Despite that on Christmas Eve last year, the UN adopted a new resolution condemning present settlements policy, and demanding construction stoppages, Norwegian money continues to pour into the West Bank, which was occupied by Israel 50 years ago, reported Vårt Land newspaper. It has provoked Interchurch to seek advice.

‘The Carmel Institute is aiding in propping up Israel’s violation of international law. That’s why the money must be stopped’, said Secretary General, Berit Hagen Agøy.

‘Vårt Land newspaper reported that the Carmel Institute has collected one million Norwegian kroner to be used for building houses in an Israeli occupied settlement. That is totally unacceptable!’ wrote Agøy on the Interfaith Council’s Facebook page, calling for the government to intervene, and stop the cash flowing into Israel from Norway.

Carmel Institute chairman of the board, John Skåland, was not gracious in his reply.

‘This is complete madness. The Interfaith Council is making attacks against Christians who are standing up for something that they believe in’, he thundered, somewhat self-righteously.

The Ministry of Finance threw out the grant deduction scheme for the Carmel Institute in 2012, because their gifts and financial donations were targeted toward illegal settlements.


Skåland, incandescent with rage, and said to be releasing jets of steam from his ears in a condition of the most profound fury, said he isn’t afraid of the government preventing him, and his organization, from collecting money.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. Dmitri Iaroshevski | 14. September 2017 at 22:52 |

    So grossly happy to find, that not all Norwegians are brainwashed to terminal stage. God bless these non-conformists

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