The government will not have an armed police force

Politician Abid RajaAbid Raja

“The government will not have a generally armed police force,” says Venstres Abid Raja.


Whether the police should holster a gun has also been discussed, during the government’s talks on Jeløya.

“But that discussion is over, at least for the next four years,” says Abid Raja (V) to NRK.

He says that the Left party has agreed with the government parties that they will not arm the police forces during this parliamentary term. Although all agree that there may be areas where special consideration may necessitate for the police to be armed, especially in particularly vulnerable places.

The head of the federal police union, Sigve Bolstad, says he is disappointed with the news that the government will not introduce a general armed forces.

“There has been clear feedback in terms of need, and not least from those who are actually going to do that service in the streets. In view of that, I must say that we are very disappointed,” he says.

The police federal federation has been working for a long time to put in place an armed police force all over the country. Last year’s consultation round, they also received support from both the PST, the Attorney General and the police chiefs in the three largest cities.


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