Greek airport strike has consequences for Norwegians traveling to and from Greece


Several thousand Norwegians, who are celebrating their vacation in Greece, cannot fly back home after Greek air traffic controllers announced a strike at the airports. The strike will lead to cancelled flights to and from Greece this Sunday.

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“We are working very hard to provide everybody with the right information and take the best possible care of our customers”, says Mathias Bergendahl, Nordic CIO of Star Tour to the news agency NTB. The strike will affect approximately one thousand customers travelling to and from Greece with Star Tour and additional people who travel with other tour operators, according to Bergendahl.

Greek air traffic controllers have announced that they will stop working for 24 hours from Saturday midnight. This means that the Greek airports are closed. In addition, they announced a strike later this week. Bergendahl says that Star Tour will try to make sure that as many passengers as possible are able to travel to and from Greece during the break between strikes on Monday. “We are working to use extra aircraft or make sure our customers can travel with other airlines”, he adds.

To the question of whether or not Star Tour customers have to spend the night at the airport, Bergendahl answers: “It is always very difficult to guarantee anything, but the change for that to happen is very small. We are in contact with our hotels to provide hotel rooms for our travellers for the night”. He says that Star Tour has sent text messages to all its customers and posted more information on its website.

According to the website of Star Tour, travellers to and from Rhodes, Crete and Samos are affected by a strike on Sunday.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today