The Greens wants a ban on helium balloons

Helium balloonsHelium balloons.Photo:

If the Green Party (MDG) gets their way, there will be no street sales of helium balloons during the May 17th celebration in Drammen.

The party has presented a proposal for a helium balloon-free municipality at Tuesday’s city council meeting in Drammen, according to Drammen Tidende.

They believe that the balloons contribute to pollution both on land and in the sea, and that helium is scare.

– Plastics have become one of our biggest environmental problems, says city council representative for MDG, Line Lieblein Røsæg.

They also believe that the balloons create an excessive commercial pressure.

– The balloons cost quite a bit of money, and many can feel a pressure to buy. There are so many other things you can enjoy on May 17th, says the city council representative.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today