A police officer may lose his job after making threats

PolicePolice: Photo: Norway Today Media

A police officer who received a prison sentence in Drammen is in danger of losing his job after making threats to colleagues.

The man was sentenced to 21 days imprisonment after an episode where he threatened four colleagues and a nurse after a city outing. He was measured to have nearly 2.5% alcohol in his blood.

At the time, the sentence did not raise the question of whether the man is still fit to be a police officer, but now the Employment Council in Søndre Buskerud will consider whether he can continue at work, reported Drammens Tidende newspaper.

The Employment Council consists of the police chief, two police officers and two police officers’ representatives.

‘In a week or two, they will conduct a formal meeting and make a decision. It leaves a lot of options, from a suspension to dismissal,’ said Jan Erik Strøm, Acting Chairman of Søndre Buskerud police, to Drammens Tidende newspaper.

The man’s defence lawyer, Nils Jørgen Vordahl, said it is a tragic, individual case.

‘There was a charge, where this was not the topic, ergo what the prosecution considers to be the conditions for condemning my client the right to continue as a police officer are not present,’ he said.

The policeman has appealed against the verdict at Asker and Bærum District Court.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today