Hareide believes Støre’s belief can flip the vote

KrF Ultimatum Labour HareideHareide (right) thinks to join forces with Labour Leader Støre (left). Photo: Stortinget.no

Hareide believes Støre’s belief can flip the vote

Knut Arild Hareide does not disregard the fact that Labour Leader Jonas Gahr Støre’s Christian standpoint can flip insecure delegates over to the red-green side. Then again, you have to be a pretty firm believer to be the leader of the Christian Democrats (KrF) in the first place.


– I don’t disregard that it can have something to say for the doubters, Hareide says in an interview with VG.

Hareide suffered a crushing defeat at the County Council meeting in Rogaland KrF on Saturday, where 15 of the 16 delegates who were elected to represent them at the extraordinary general meeting on November 2nd, advocate that the KrF will seek entering into the current Government, contrary to Hareide’s wish to join Støre’s flock and topple it instead. Hareide on Saturday says that he fears a contagious effect of the stance of Rogaland. Who, disregarding the mightily unpopular County Governor (over the toll rings in and around Stavanger), Solveig Tengesdal, will vote en bloc against him.

Støre is a believer

Although Jonah Gahr Støre publicly has stated that he is a Christian, that will not be a point that Hareide will mention to the National Council. Hareide will speak at the National Assembly in just two weeks from today in favour of changing political allegiance from support of Solberg to Støre.

– I’m not going to emphasise it, but it’s clear that the relationship is important, of course, says Hareide. He admits that it may be advantageous for his view that those attending the National Assembly know that the Labour leader isn’t a freethinker.

– It’s not negative. It’s important, but it’s not crucial, he concludes the interview.

Many voters, especially those Conservatives who voted tactically to keep the KrF over the barrier limit, feel betrayed by Hareide’s wish to govern at the mercy of the Socialist party instead of swallowing a few camels together with FrP.


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