Harpviken: – Nobody can rule out terrorist acts in Norway

Kristian Berg HarpvikenOSLO.Director, Kristian Berg Harpviken (Peace Research Institute Oslo, PRIO).Photo: Gorm Kallestad / Scanpix

Harpviken: – Nobody can rule out terrorist acts in Norway

Director, Kristian Berg Harpviken, thinks there is a tough boundary between security measures against terrorism – and stigmatizing social groups.

“I do not think we should decide that Norway is more or less exposed to terror after the last attacks in Britain. Norway can also be a terrorist target.

“Nobody can rule out that such actions will also happen here “, says Kristian Berg Harpviken, Director of the Department of Peace Research (PRIO) to NTB on Sunday.

He refers to the British prime minister Theresa May, who runs hard against militant Islamism the day after the terrorist attack in London.

“We hear that May says this cannot continue. There is some kind of signal that you must do something new now.

The challenge is often that very many measures are characterized by dilemma and also have a cost side, explains Harpviken.

Can be perceived as a stigmatization

He thinks it can be dangerous to confuse radicalization and religious piety. It can help people who feel loyal to their own society and their own state suddenly know that they are not perceived that way.

“Although you should be careful about generalizing since there are many different ways of radicalization.

However, an element that goes on is an outsider in one way or another. Here are some dilemmas, to the extent that you start to keep an eye on specific groups, this can be perceived as a stigmatization, emphasizes Harpviken.


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  1. You guys are inviting terrorism inside your country from those Muslim countries, and I farl something very bad is going to happen soon, as those muslim guys never want piece and can never see good in others. kick them out all in an island and sink it – only this way you can wipe out terrorism.

  2. **sorry, it should be “fear” not “farl” in my previous post.
    I love Norway a lot, but can’t support inviting of those asshole from criminal minded countries.

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