Health Director concerned about doubling of disability pensions for young

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The Health Director, Bjørn Guldvog, is concerned that the number of young people aged between 20 to 29 years who are on disability pension, has almost doubled over the last ten years.

‘This is very worrisome, it represents lost opportunities, and much needless suffering for individuals. It is essential for social development, sustainability and productivity, that many sectors also have good health as the goal’, said Guldvog.

On Thursday, the Health Directorate presented new figures, which included the comparison of Norwegian health with other countries, and also exclusion, and dropping out of high school or sixth form college.

According NAV’s latest statistics, 13,046 young people, from 20 to 29 years of age, are receiving disability benefits, which corresponds to a near doubling in recent years.

The fastest growing group receiving disability benefits are people under the age of 30, who have mental health problems. Among disability benefit recipients who are under 39 years old, almost 60% have mental and behavioral disorders.

‘The solution does not lie in repair of the health sector, it lies in prevention.
There, we know that school, work and economy are decisive factors’, said Health Director, Bjørn Guldvog.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today