Høie says Russia’s Corona vaccine is not part of the EU-cooperation

Minister of Health and Care services Bent Høie (Conservative Party).Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB scanpix

Russia’s vaccine for Covid-19 is not part of the cooperation between the EU countries, the Minister of Health, Bent Høie (H), said.

-”When it comes to aces to vaccines, Norway works mainly through the cooperation between EU countries and the negotiations that takes place there.”, said Høie at the government’s press conference on the Corona situation on Tuesday. 

According to current forecasts, there will be, at best, vaccines approved before Christmas that could be available during the next year, he emphasizes. 

At an earlier Tuesday, the news came that the Russian authorities have approved a vaccine for Covid-19.

-”I do not perceive that the vaccine in Russia is a part of what is included at EU negotiations.”, said Høie.

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  1. If the West hasn’t yet gotten samples of the Russian vaccine to *thoroughly* test, it should not yet be administered.

    Russian medicine isn’t a world leader (yet), however much it and Moscow might want to be.

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