Hospital doctors take photographs on private mobile phones

Mobile phone smartphone urban nomadsSmart phones.Photo:Pixabay

Frustrated doctors say outdated computer systems at Oslo University Hospital (OUS) mean that they must use private mobile phones to take pictures of patient injuries.

Announced by Anniken Riise Elnes in the Young Doctor’s Association, Dagens Næringsliv newspaper said that the use of private mobiles in treatment happens “every day, everywhere, all the time”.

“When the patient is really in a hurry, we simply have no alternative” said Elnes, who is frustrated with time spent and emergency solutions being forced out of ineffective programs that do not serve their purpose.

‘’This happens every day, everywhere, all the time. When it is urgent to consult colleagues to be able to provide proper treatment, we have to use our own mobile to take pictures, for example of patient injuries or of x-rays’’ she explained. Elnes said she is worried that the images will go astray, for example through automatic sharing via cloud services.

Elnes said mobile use is increasing and that no order has been given to stop the practice.

OUS chief, Bjørn Erikstein, said the use of mobile phone cameras with the transition from paper to digital solutions is challenging the system. He said that patient safety comes first when there’s a need for quick solutions.

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