Ida’s organ donation helps six persons

Ida Eide, Cross-country , Organ donationIda Eide, Cross-country skier. Photo: Private

Ida Eide’s organ donation have helped 6 persons

The deceased cross-country skier, Ida Eide, died tragically in September last year. Through organ donation, she has gifted six persons with a better life.

Her father, mother and boyfriend (Bjørn E. Eide, Ellen Hæhre and Nils-Ingar Aadne) informs in a Chronicle on NRK Expressions.

Ida Eide suffered a cardiac arrest during an exercise race on September 1st. Her life was not to be saved. The family agreed that organ donation was a good solution. They found a donor app on her phone that assured them that donation was according to her wishes.

Wish to share

The family wish to share that it has been a great help to several persons in dire need of functioning organs.

«From hopeless sadness and powerlessness, we now got something positive to think about. We were thoroughly informed about the procedures. Everything happened impressively fast – and in the course of a day, we learned that six persons experience a new start for a better life. Lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys and corneas all came to good use,» the family writes in the chronicle, which is titled: «A consolation in our grief».

Ida, who was the sister of national team athlete, Mari Eide, was buried on September 14th. The family has received feedback from the persons who have an easier life as a result of the donation of her organs.

«There is good consolation in knowing that it has been successful for all six. We have received moving letters from relatives of other organ recipients, who show us how important and correct the decision was», they write further down in the Chronicle.

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