Immigrant youth more exposed to violence from parents


Children and adolescents from a non-western background are far more exposed to severe violence in the home than those from a Norwegian or Nordic background, according to a recent report.

Out of the family risk factors in the  for aggravated assault, a non- western immigrant background is the most significant,  Aftenposten writes. Other risk factors include poor economy and substance abuse among parents. Severe violence  in this context that  means the child is at risk of being inflicted injuries. This includes parents using the fist in hitting them or striking them with objects such as shoes or belts.
Although those from a non-western immigrant background are over four times more exposed to violence from their mothers, things are better than they used to be. In 2007, the risk was 5.8 times higher.
– The material does not say why the risk of being exposed to violence for people of this background has  lessened now. One obvious explanation is that there has been a greater understanding in these immigrant communities that violence is not an acceptable way to deal with their children,  Svein Mossige, professor of clinical child and adolescent psychology at the University of Oslo, says. He and NOVA researcher Kari Stefansen are responsible for the report.
An immigrant background in itself entails no increased risk of being exposed to mild violence or sexual assault.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today