Big problems for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

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Major problems for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Thousands of users worldwide report of major issues with Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram on Wednesday.

Particularly hard hit are users in Europe and South America, but also in the United States, Russia, Malaysia, Australia and Japan, problems of different kinds are experienced.

From around 3.50 pm, WhatsApp users have experienced problems sending and receiving messages. Receiving larger files containing images, videos and audio files is particularly difficult, the German newspaper Bild Zeitung writes.




On both Facebook and Instagram, users experience problems uploading images, news updates on Facebook are also slow. It is, presently, unknown what the cause of the problems is.

Downdetector has received over 14,000 reports of errors on Instagram and 7,000 reports on Facebook, according to VG.

Facebook owns both WhatsApp and Instagram. The social media giants have over 3.8 billion active users in total.

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