Increase in births to mothers over 45

Little girl get cuddle and care from GrandmaLittle girl get cuddle and care from Grandma.Photo: Sara Johannessen / SCANPIX NB! Modellklarert

The number of women who are giving birth after they are over the age of 45 has increased significantly over the last 25 years. This means there is an increased risk for the mother and child and an increase in the cost for society.

From 1991 to 2000 there were 303 births to women who were 45 or more years old, according to the Medical Birth register and ABC News. A decade later the number increased to 597 women.

According to available statistics for the last five years from 2011-2015, the number was 520, implying a further doubling of older mothers if the trend continues.

In addition, the percentage of women who gave birth after the age of 50 is steadily increasing, and the Midwives Association is concerned.

– It is gratifying that women are having children, we need more children in this country. However, I will first and foremost encourage women to have children when they are in the most fertile age, from 25 years old to early 30’s.

After the age of 35 fertility decreases a lot, says political leader Kirsten Jørgensen in The Norwegian Midwife Association to ABC News.

When a mother is 45 years old or older, pregnancies and births are classified as hazardous and are monitored more closely. Older pregnant women have an increased risk of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia and the child has an increased risk of not growing and developing properly.

The developments are related to an increase in offers in the use of assisted reproductive technology. Many of the older mothers have sought help at private clinics, often abroad, in order to conceive.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today