India gives free breast surgery to poor women

Indian womanIndian woman

Thousands of poor women in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu have been offered free breast surgery, including implants.


“If a poor woman wants to look beautiful, we will support her financially, whether it involves medical intervention or for pure beauty purposes. All women have the right to look beautiful’’,said the state’s health minister, C. Vijayabaskar.

The southernly located state is known for its populist government. Previously, the authorities have distributed water bottles, goats,laptops, bikes, and other aids to everyday life.

Tamil Nadu is high on the list of states with well-developed healthcare,far ahead of the depleted system that characterizes most of the giant country.

Critics say the government wastes money on beauty interventions instead of focusing on the treatment of serious illnesses.

Cosmetic breast surgery is controversial across India, and the price is somewhere between NOK 18,000 and 32,000, an annual salary for most Indian citizens.


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