The indicted in the Darkroom case worked in eleven kindergartens

Investigation Director Hilde ReikråsBergen.Police.Investigation director Hilde Reikrås Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

One of the accused in the great assault case that is under investigation in Bergen, has worked in eleven different kindergartens in the city.

The man is accused of having had images that sexualise children, according to the newspaper Bergens Tidende.
He had been part of a large online environment for several years where, among other things, photos and videos showing abuse of children were exchanged.
– He has worked in a kindergarten since January, and also been a substitute for ten other daycares for 16 days in autumn, said police attorney Inger-Lise Høyland.
The man was arrested on July 26 and was put in custody for four weeks on the 28th July. He iearlier received impunity and has since been released.
– His case is less severe and his role less peripheral. He did not know that he has been part of a network, said the man’s lawyer, Maria Hesse Jacobsen.
So far, 51 men have been indicted in the major assault case that is under investigation in the Western Police District. They have been charged of committing atrocities, and producing and distributing abuse material. It emerged during a media conference Sunday.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today