Influenza season peaking

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The number of those infected by the influenza outbreak is increasing

The flu season is approaching its peak level from last year, and the number of influenza infected patients is expected to increase in the weeks ahead, according to the Public Health Institute.


“We are now approaching the plateau from last year. It is still practical to vaccinate as the flu will still be in circulation for several months,” the National Institute of Public Health reports in its weekly report on the flu, yesterday.

At the beginning of the year, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health registered a stagnation in the number of laboratory confirmed influenza cases in Norway. In week three, however, the numbers had begun to increase.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health points out that we have reached about mid-year point of this year’s flu outbreak, and they are expecting a lot more cases of influenza in the weeks to come.

On a national basis, the influenza B virus now dominates. Influenza season starts from week 40 in autumn and until week 20 following years.


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